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Nature Through Primitive Skills...

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Dear Nature Lover,

If you would like to connect at a much, much deeper level with nature and the essence of who you are through primitive survival skills then this could be the most important message you'll ever read.

Here's why: You're about to learn step-by-step how to connect at a very, very deep level with nature through these practices.

If you are wanting to feel more connected with yourself and nature, then you have come to the right place. Some people say practicing these skills is the 'antidote' to Nature Deficit Disorder.

In fact, that's why I've created this website. I found it difficult to find practical ways to deepen my connection with nature. The information is out there but I had to look VERY hard to find it all in one place.

It doesn't matter what level you are at now - this in-depth training course is packed full of quality information to have you rapidly deepening your connection with nature and your sense of 'self'.


How This Came About...

David Connecting Deeply With Fire

I'm David Styles and have been connecting deeply with nature since I was born.

I grew up surrounded by thousands of acres of bushland near Bendigo. As a child I spent countless hours exploring nature.

I graduated from University with a degree in Engineering and a degree in Commerce.

But after some deeply moving experiences in nature, I was called to give it all away... and dedicate my life to reconnecting people with nature.

So I have been on a 15 year quest to build my skills in this deep nature connection work. Now I've been teaching for the last 5 years.

Which lead me to something else... what if I could put some of these primitive connection skills into online training programs?

And teach people all around the world how to reconnect with nature?

That's how the 'Primitive Skills Connection Program' was created.


For The FIRST TIME Online...

Inside the primitive skills connection course you'll get everything you need to connect at a much, much deeper level with both nature and your sense of 'self' through practicing these skills...

Primitive Skills Connection Program

The training is split into six step-by-step modules that are specifically designed to have you connect at a deep level with nature through practicing and connecting with these primitive skills...

    Module 1: How To Make Primitive Fire

    Module 2: Building A Waterproof Debris Shelter

    Module 3: Plant Identification & Bush Tucker

    Module 4: How To Make Cordage/Rope

    Module 5: Making Fire In The Wet

    Module 6: How To Make A Primitive Bow

Within a couple of weeks of practicing these primitive connection skills you'll start to experience a sense of 'oneness' with nature... and the boundary of separation between you and nature will start to dissolve.

Here's a break-down of what you'll find in each module...


MODULE 1: Making Primitive Fire

(144 minutes)









Exposure to the elements is the biggest killer in a survival situation - it's a fact that we can die within just 3 hours in poor conditions. In this module you'll learn:

- How to create fire with your bare hands from natural materials

- The hand-drill technique by rubbing two sticks together to make fire

- Improve your effectiveness by connecting with the 'spirit' of the fire

- How to gather the right tinder materials to make a flame

- PLUS much, much more

In this module, you'll learn how to keep yourself warm, cook your own food and purify your own water - no matter what happens in the future.


MODULE 2: Building A Debris Shelter

(111 Minutes)

Along with creating your own fire, creating an effective shelter that keeps you both dry and warm is critical to survive from exposure to the elements. In this training module you'll learn:

- The five steps to building an effective debris shelter

- How to make sure your debris shelter is waterproof and doesn't leak

- How to insulate yourself even further to survive in extreme conditions

- What to do if light is running out and you find yourself 'stuck' outside

- PLUS much, much more

Learning how to build your own waterproof debris shelter is critical to surviving in nature and protecting yourself from the elements. In this module you'll feel safe and secure that no matter what conditions you face that you know everything you need to survive.


MODULE 3: Plant ID and Bush Tucker

(184 minutes)

We can live for around 30 days without food. After this point most people will die from starvation as the body's energy reserves and vital organs become depleted. In this module you'll learn:

- The 8 elements of plants to identify bush-tucker properly

- Why the 'taste-test' can be a fatal mistake if you don't know your plants

- The 5 'ethno-botanical' uses of plants to help you survive and thrive

- How to deepen your connection and knowledge about the plant world

- PLUS much, much more

When you understand the importance of bush-tucker and learning how to survive from the plant world, you will feel safe and secure that no matter what happens you have everything you need to survive and thrive in nature. All of a sudden, the landscape becomes your personal 'supermarket' :-)


MODULE 4: Making Cordage/Rope

(125 minutes)

In a survival situation it is critical to have pieces of rope at your disposal so that you can make snares and traps, make fishing lines, tie your debris shelter together, build a bow drill etc. In this module you'll learn:

- Where to find suitable fibres to make rope in nature

- The correct technique to make extremely strong rope

- How to 'honour' the plants in the right way for providing materials

- How to 'splice' so you can make long pieces of rope

- PLUS much, much more...

When you know that you can make strong rope that you can utilize in a survival situation from natural materials in nature, you will feel a sense of confidence and trust in your skills.


MODULE 5: Making Fire In The Wet

(153 minutes)

When you're cold and wet and it's pouring rain outside, you are at extreme risk of getting hyperthermia and problems associated from exposure. When all of the materials are saturated, most people won't be able to light a fire to save their lives. In this module you'll learn:

- How to light a fire even if all the materials are saturated

- Where to find dry materials in nature even if it's a torrential downpour

- How to make wet materials dry... even if it's raining

- The correct technique to light a fire in wet conditions

- PLUS much, much more...

If you have the skills to light a fire in the wet, then you know that no matter what the conditions are then you will be able to stay warm and dry, as well as cook your food. This skill is critical in a survival situation.


MODULE 6: Making A Primitive Bow

(121 minutes)

If you are caught in a survival situation for an extended period of time, then most people will need protein to be at optimal health. One of the best ways of getting protein is by making a primitive bow. In this module you'll learn:

- How to find the right sapling/branch for the best bow

- How to shape the bow for the most effective results

- How to 'string' the bow properly so that it is megga tight

- How to 'fire' the bow effectively so it goes the maximum distance

- PLUS much, much more...

When you know how to make a primitive bow with nothing but a knife or sharp rock, it opens up a whole world of survival. With this skill, you'll be able to hunt your own game in a survival situation when you know what you are doing. Plus, you can make this from scratch in around 30 minutes.

     As you can tell, this is an entire training program that is specifically designed to have you re-connect in a very deep level with both nature, yourself and others.


How Much Is This Training?

To get access to similar training, you'd need to enrol in a week-long course and that would normally set you back around $900.

However, this is probably more valuable because unlike a live course you get to go through the training as many times as you like. And to make it accessible to everyone, for a limited time I've decided to price this course at just $297.

You get everything you need to re-connect at a very deep level with nature through primitive survival skills...

Primitive Skills Connection Program

And right now I'm having a major discount on the training package...

Regular Price Special Price
$297 $197


Your Special Bonuses!

If you register this week, I'm also going to give you 3x special bonuses. (This is my way of thanking you for taking decisive action on this...)

Special Bonus 1: Members Forum Access

You'll get special access to the Primitive Skills members forum... where you get to share your experiences of connecting at a deep level with nature through these primitive survival skills:

This is where you can discuss what you have learnt and share your stories and experiences with other course members who also going through the very rewarding journey of connecting at a deep level with nature.

There is no-where else ANYWHERE I have found that you can connect with like-minded people and get this level of advanced training to re-connect to your original roots and reclaim your natural connection with nature - but now you can inside the private member's area.


Bonus 2: Understanding Bird Language

(187 minutes)

There is a 'secret' language within nature that every animal (... except most humans) naturally understand. This is the language of the birds... and it allows you to detect 'disturbances' on the landscape. In this module you'll learn:

- How to understand the 5x main languages of the birds

- Predict if a predator or person is coming 3-5 minutes beforehand

- Become 'invisible' on the landscape & get close to animals

- How to melt into and become 'one' with nature

- PLUS much, much more...

It is through understanding the languages of the birds that you will be able to tune into a deeper level of connection with your surroundings. That way you'll be able to connect at a deeper level with animals because you'll be able to get closer to them.


Special Bonus 3: Water Purification

(33 minutes)

It's a known fact that we can die of dehydration in only 3 days without water. However, you can get a lot of water-borne diseases such as Giardia, E.Coli, diarrhoea and parasites without purifying your water. In this module you'll learn:

- The top 5x ways to purify your water in a survival situation

- How to find naturally occurring purified water on the landscape

- How to use the power of the sun to purify your water

- What to look for to minimize your risk of contaminated water

- PLUS much, much more...

It is through learning how to purify your own water that you can minimize the risk of getting nasty water-borne diseases. That way you will remain fit and healthy in a survival situation by knowing that your drinking water is safe to use.

     As you can tell, this is an entire training program that covers over 17+ hours of advanced primitive skills connection training. It is specifically designed to show you how to re-connect at a very deep level with nature and the essence of who you really are through these skills.

Many people report feeling a sense of 'oneness' through practicing these primitive skills and other's report a sense of coming 'home' to who they really are through this training.


Re-Cap Of What You're Getting

This is everything you'll get in the Primitive Skills Connection Program...

Primitive Skills Connection Program

     MODULE 1:  How To Make Primitive Fire
     MODULE 2:  Building A Debris Shelter
     MODULE 3:  Plant Identification & Bush Tucker
      MODULE 4:  How To Make Cordage / Rope
     MODULE 5:  Making Fire In The Wet
      MODULE 6:  How To Make A Primitive Bow
      BONUS 1:    Primitive Skills Member's Forum
       BONUS 2:    Understanding Bird Language
       BONUS 3:    How To Purify Your Own Water

Regular Price


Special Price

$297 $197


How Do I Access The Program?

     This is an online training program... which means that everything is accessed via the internet either on your phone, iPad, laptop or on your desktop computer anytime you want:


Primitive Skills Member's Area

Within each module you get full access to the following training:

Video Training...

Each module includes full Video Training where David walks you live through the training. Plus you also get full access to the live Webinar Recordings as well as the live Q&A Recordings where you get to go even deeper into the training for each module...

Audio Training...

Plus for each module you also get all of the audio MP3's of the video training, webinar training and Q&A training - so you can either listen to the training modules either on your computer, in your car or on your iPod...

PDF Training...

Plus in each module you also get full PDF's of the video transcripts (includig pictures) as well as PDF's of the handouts for the Webinar and Q&A training so you can follow along with the training as you go...

As you can tell, each of the 6x Modules are a full training course that are specifically designed to have you master these Deep Nature Connection practices and techniques.



Here's What People Are Saying

"Making Fire is a spiritual and creative art..."

"Congratulations! Making Fire is a spiritual and creative art which you demonstrated with clarity, humility and respect... a simple act with a huge impact. I would hope one day to see this and more of your work included in the education of our children. Thankyou" - S. Hudson  

"This is much needed in our society today..."

"Thank you David for sharing your wonderful work. It is much needed in our society today and you truly are an inspiration. Love and Peace to you and the planet." - J. Videla 

"My prayer is for all beings to feel this connection..."

"Enjoyable to hear part of your story and deep connection to all things. My prayer is for all beings to feel this connection and communion. May it bring a sincere love, respect and responsibility to our sacred mother earth and each other. Blessings." - R. Yates  


Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Better than 100%...

If you are not satisfied, I will refund your money AND you can KEEP the entire program!

Go through the entire course, download everything and connect deeply with both nature and yourself through these skills.

If you are not entirely satisfied, email me within 60 days and you'll get a full refund.

PLUS as my way of saying 'Thank You!' for trying it out... you can keep the entire course for free. No questions asked.


Access Your Copy Now

Primitive Skills Connection Program


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For the Earth,


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