"The Heart Walk"
Learn How To Tap Into The Wisdom Of Nature...

"This deeper connection with my heart and nature has given my life a profound presence and clarity" - Tara 

Dear Nature Lover,

If ever you have wanted to listen to your heart and tap into the wisdom of nature then this could be the most important page you'll ever read.

Here's why:

Over the last 15 years I've been on a quest. A quest to understand what happened to me in a remote wilderness area on the South-East Coast of Australia.

I experienced a complete shift in consciousness. A deep sense of 'oneness' with all things and experienced a 'force' that moves all things
. Nature began 'talking' with me.

I hadn't seen anyone for two weeks and here I am walking bare foot on the shore. It happened whilst alone... feeling the energy from the ocean.

It Happened To Me Whilst Alone In Nature

The morning sun was beating down and I feel the urge to pick up some grains of sand on the end of my finger. I was looking at all the grains of sand. Noticing how each grain is a slightly different colour. Different shades of brown, others black, some white and a few are orange.

Every grain of sand a slightly different size and shape. Some are rounded. Others are angular. Some are so small I can barely see them. Yet others are about as big as a pin head. I am totally immersed in the grains of sand on the end of my finger.

Then I slowly look up at the beach. In that moment I get to see the entire beach is made up of these tiny grains of sand. Yet it is these tiny grains of sand that make up the entire beach.

That's when it happened. Something went 'click' within my consciousness. I became everything within nature... all at the same time.

I Became Everything Within Nature...

I remember there was a lizard sunning itself under a bush to my left. I could feel what it was like being that lizard... how it felt for my metabolism to quicken with the warming rays. Plus how it felt for my scales to rub against each other as I moved.

There was a sea eagle soaring above and I could feel what it was like to have the pressure of the wind pushing against my feathers. Plus how it felt to look down from above with my telescope eyes.

At the same time there was a fish in the breakers and I could feel how it felt to be pushed around by the ocean. Plus how it felt to have water running through my gills.

I became everything all at the same time. A complete sense oneness whilst in supermarkets. Plus the sense of a 'guiding force' even when surfing at crowded beaches.

... A Complete Sense Of Oneness

I remember at the time describing this experience to a friend. He said 'Wow! That sounds amazing.' But I remember saying that it felt completely normal - as though this is the way we are meant to see the world.

After three weeks the experience started to fade. But what was left was the sense of a force 'guiding' me. That when I listened to the pull and went with the force that synchronicities became normal. That I experienced being in the exact right place... at the exact right time.

Since that experience I have now read hundreds of books to understand 'What happened'. I've been to dozens of personal growth and nature connection workshops. I've spent weeks living in tribes with indigenous people in Asia. But more importantly... I have spent thousands of hours immersed within nature to 're-create' the experience. Now I can 'tap in' almost at will.

After a while I started showing friends how to tap into the wisdom of nature. The feedback has been humbling. For example here's what some people have experienced on what is called the 'Heart Walk':

Here's What People Are Experiencing...

"The Heart walk was absolute MAGIC. Being with you, everyone so open, honest, sharing – the experience is so profound that it will take me more than just 1 day to understand some of the things I went through” - Maya

"I feel blessed to have shared the Heart Walk with all of you and thank you for facilitating this event as a part of my healing return to nature!” - Paul

"I can see this helping to keep my connection to nature. Also it changed the way I think and feel with my senses” - Jayden

It's just grown from there. Hundreds of people have gone on a Heart Walk and have experienced this sense of oneness, felt the pull of the guiding force as well as how to tap into the wisdom of nature. As you can imagine this has been a big journey however I feel this is what I am on the planet to do.

So 'the force' has guided me to write a book about this connection. When I go alone into the wilderness nature always speaks to me and often now says the simple words... 'We need you'.

Nature Wants Me To Share This...

... as in 'We need you to share this with humanity'. With all the deforestation, pollution and lack of bio-diversity, nature is screaming out for people to feel this connection.

For this sense of wonder and mystery is open to everyone. If they felt it, there could be no destruction of the natural environment. So I feel I am on a bit of a mission. A mission to re-connect as many people as I can with their true nature in nature.

To experience the connection and tap into nature's wisdom. Much like indigenous people have for hundreds of thousands of years. For I feel this is our natural state... being our true nature in nature.

"I most enjoyed hearing my heart so clearly
and feeling it's subtle pull” - Helen

For there is a strong correlation between being disconnected from nature and disconnected from ourselves. Like the high rates of depression, anxiety, aggression, ADHD, low self-esteem etc with people living in the cities. All symptoms of what the author Richard Louv calls 'nature defecit disorder'.

So to give more people the experience of this connection with nature and their true nature in nature I've been guided to write a book. It is called 'The Heart Walk'. It is a step-by-step book that shows you how to listen to your heart and tap directly into the wisdom of nature.

Introducing: 'The Heart Walk'

In 'The Heart Walk' you learn how to communicate with nature and allow her subtle messages guide you. Allowing the wisdom to create positive change in areas of life that are important to you...

"I enjoyed being able to connect to my heart through heightening my senses and listening to nature” - Jayden

The Heart Walk is an eBook. That means it's in PDF format that you can instantly download on your PC or Mac and read as many times as you like. Plus if you prefer to read a hard copy you can print it out on your printer.

The book is 97 pages long and it takes you by the hand and runs you step-by-step through how to listen to your heart and tap into the wisdom of nature. Plus you'll also get to experience the feeling of 'oneness' within nature as well as feel the 'guiding force' that moves all things.

'The Heart Walk' is split into 18x easy-to-read chapters. It is written using simple words so it is easy to understand and absorb. Here is an outline of the Chapters so you know exactly what's inside:

Table Of Contents

Preface – Our Natural State
About This Book
Chapter  1 My Story With Mother Nature
                2 The Connection Within Nature
                3 Nature & The Guiding Force
                4 The Nature Of The Human Mind
                5 How To Set The Intention For Your Heart Walk

Chapter   6 Finding The Spot In Nature For Your Heart Walk
                 7 Connecting Deeper With The Land
                 8 How To Turn Off Your Mind In Nature
                 9 How To Get Into Your Senses Within Nature
                10 Combining Your Senses On A Heart Walk
                11 Tapping Into Your Sixth Sense Within Nature
                12 Interpreting Signs And Symbols From Nature
                13 Deepening Insights You Receive From Nature
Chapter   14 Integrating Heart Walk Insights Into Your Life
                 15 Making Positive Changes From Nature's Insights
                 16 Summary Of The Heart Walk Process
                 17 How To Realign With The Guiding Force
                 18 Finding Out More About The Heart Walk

'The Heart Walk' was originally intended as a guide book for me based on my many experiences in nature. But now hundreds of people have experienced a Heart Walk in nature. So to get this out to more people it is now available as an instant download.

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Talk soon,

David Styles.

PS - Here's some more feedback from people who have experienced a Heart Walk so you know what you can expect to get from your book...

"I am able to find the messages I seek more clearly – quicker with more certainty” - Helen

"Spending time around David is simply inspiring – full of love, so caring, endless patience, unconditional giving. You have completely changed my life, I just can't thank you enough. Gratitudes galore.” - Maya

"I highly recommend the Heart Walk to get a taste for this beautiful and deeply moving experience.” - Warwick