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Sticks And Your Bare Hands...


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Dear Nature Lover,

If you would like to connect with the ancient skill of making fire with two sticks and your bare hands then this could be the most important message you'll ever read.

Here's why: You're about to learn step-by-step how to make primitive fire with nothing but your bare hands and what you find in nature.

If you are wanting to feel more connected with yourself and nature, then you have come to the right place. Some people say practicing this skill is the 'antidote' to Nature Deficit Disorder.

In fact, that's why I've created this web page. I found it difficult to find practical ways to deepen my connection with nature. The information is out there but I had to look VERY hard to find it all in one place.

It doesn't matter what level you are at now - this in-depth training course is packed full of quality information to have you rapidly deepening your connection with nature through making primitive fire.


How This Came About...

David Connecting With Primitive Fire

I'm David Styles and have been connecting with nature since I was born.

I grew up surrounded by thousands of acres of bushland near Bendigo. As a child I spent countless hours exploring nature.

I graduated from University with a degree in Engineering and a degree in Commerce.

But after some deeply moving experiences in nature, I was called to give it all away... and dedicate my life to reconnecting people with nature.

So I have been on a 15 year quest to build my skills in this deep nature connection work. Now I've been teaching for the last 5 years.

Which lead me to something else... what if I could put some of these deep nature connection skills into online training programs?

And teach people all around the world how to reconnect with nature?

That's how the 'Primitive Fire Connection Program' was created.


For The FIRST TIME Online...

Within the primitive fire training course you'll get everything you need to connect with the 'Spirit' of the fire to make fire with two sticks and your bare hands...

The training is split into three step-by-step modules that are specifically designed to have you connect at a deep level with this ancient primitive skill and make fire with two sticks and your bare hands...

    Module 1: Primitive Fire Video Training

    Module 2: The Hand-Drill Manual

    Module 3: Q&A Video Training With David Styles

Here's a break-down of what you'll find in each module...


MODULE 1: Primitive Fire Video Training

    In Module 1 you'll be lead step-by-step by David through the exact technique to rub the spindle and fire-board together to create a coal.

Plus you'll also be shown how to 'inspire' the coal into a flame with the correct blowing technique to create your first primitive fire.

In the video training, David also shows you how to tune into the 'Spirit' of the fire and how to allow it to guide you in your actions.

When you connect in this way with this ancient skill then you'll find your ability to create primitive fire increases dramatically.


MODULE 2: The Hand-Drill Manual

     In Module 2 you'll get full access to the 'Hand Drill Manual'.

This is a step-by-step training manual to creating primitive fire with the hand-drill technique.

In the manual, David lays out everything you need to create your own fire with your bare hands... from selecting and preparing the materials, right through to making the coal and blowing the coal into a flame. The training is spread out over 8 Chapters.

It is through reading this material that you will have everything you need to not only create your own fire... but to connect at a very deep level with this ancient primitive skill that has been passed down from our ancient ancestors.


MODULE 3: Q&A Video Training With David

      In the third part of your primitive fire training, you'll get full access to a recording of a live Q&A session with David about connecting with the ancient skill of making primitive fire.

In this video recording, David answers the biggest questions most people have about making primitive fire with their bare hands.

It is through this training that you will be able to learn all the little 'insider secrets' about rubbing two sticks together to make your own fire with your bare hands.


How Much Is This Training?

To get similar training, you'd need to enrol in a weekend course for around $300. But you get everything you need to make fire...

      Now only...



Your Special Bonuses!

If you register this week, I'm also going to give you 3x special bonuses. (This is my way of thanking you for taking decisive action on this...)

Special Bonus 1: Members Forum Access

You'll also get special access to the members forum... where you get to share your experiences of connecting with this ancient skill...

This is where you can discuss what you have learnt and share with other course members who are excited about making primitive fire!


Special Bonus 2: MP3's of Video and Q&A

Inside the member's area, you'll also get to download the full MP3 audio's of both the video training as well as the Q&A training.

That means you can listen to all the trainings and techniques inside this valuable resource... inside your car or on your iPod.

This is the first time these recordings have ever been released to the deep nature connection community.


Bonus 3: Video Transcript and Q&A Handouts

Plus you'll also get the entire copy of the video transcript... as well as the handouts of the primitive fire Q&A webinar recording:

It is through studying the transcript of the training that you will pick up a lot of subtle nuances on what it takes to make your own primitive fire.

There is also space below the Q&A handouts for you to take notes as you go through the training. Some participants say this is the most valuable part of the training because they are able to go at their own pace and reflect on the lessons afterwards.

     As you can tell, this is an entire training program. It is specifically designed to show you how to connect with this ancient skill and make your own primitive fire with just two sticks and your bare hands.


Re-Cap Of What You're Getting

This is everything you'll get in the Primitive Fire Connection Program...

Primitive Fire Connection Program

     Primitive Fire Video Training
     The Hand Drill Manual
     Primitive Fire Q&A Training
      Primitive Fire Member's Forum
     MP3's Of Video and Q&A Training
      Video Transcript and Q&A Handouts


      Now only...



How Do I Access The Program?

     This is an online training program... which means that everything is accessed via the internet either on your phone, on your laptop or on your desktop computer anytime you want:

Plus you can download and print out all of the PDF's for future reference... as well as download all of the MP3 audio's to either put on your iPad or burn to a CD to listen to in your car.


Here's What People Are Saying

"Making Fire is a spiritual and creative art..."

"Congratulations! Making Fire is a spiritual and creative art which you demonstrated with clarity, humility and respect... a simple act with a huge impact. I would hope one day to see this and more of your work included in the education of our children. Thankyou" - S. Hudson  

"This is much needed in our society today..."

"Thank you David for sharing your wonderful work. It is much needed in our society today and you truly are an inspiration. Love and Peace to you and the planet." - J. Videla 

"My prayer is for all beings to feel this connection..."

"Enjoyable to hear part of your story and deep connection to all things. My prayer is for all beings to feel this connection and communion. May it bring a sincere love, respect and responsibility to our sacred mother earth and each other. Blessings." - R. Yates  


Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Better than 100%...

If you are not satisfied, I will refund your money AND you can KEEP the entire program!

Go through the entire course, download everything and connect deeply with this ancient skill.

If you are not entirely satisfied, email me within 30 days and you'll get a full refund.

PLUS as my way of saying 'Thank You!' for trying it out... you can keep the entire course for free. No questions asked.


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Primitive Fire Connection Program


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